Obituary - Mearman, George W Jr

Obituary - Mearman, George W Jr

George W. Mearman, 93, died peacefully at home on August 12, 2021. He is predeceased by his beloved wife of 67 years, MJ (short for Mary Jane). He is survived by daughters Judye Anderson, Linda Mearman, son Michael Mearmman and Michael’s wife, Walky. He is also survived by his treasured grandchildren and great grandchildren, Eric Anderson, his wife Jessica and daughter Sloane; Maria Margolin, her husband Ed and daughter Leilani; Mike Mearman, his wife Elizabeth and daughter Ansley; Alex Kikendall, her husband Ross and their sons Liam, Finn and Theo; Kelsey Mearman, Dennis Mearman; and Joseph, Jessika and Taylor Davis. He is also survived by his sister Janice Butler and her husband Bill and sister in love Shirley Massa. He came from a family of nine children born in Hartford, CT to parents George, Sr. and Elsie. Add to this his wife’s family and his “love legacy” covers an impressive number of nieces and nephews, their children and their children’s children in whom he took great pride. He is lovingly remembered as having a great sense of humor and an unshakable dedication to his family. Although he resisted taking credit for his many talents, he was an accomplished artist, wood carver, carpenter, cartoonist, gardener, handyman, teacher, bartender and consummate party/family reunion goer. His life spanned a number of phases, some of them lasting most of his adulthood. Golfer, fisherman, dreamer of dreams with partner in crime, brother in law Bruce, builder of snow horses for his children’s riding pleasure, barbecue master (jury remains out), horse owner/cowboy, country western aficionado, very loud sports fan, and church/choir member. He was always busy with church activities and in his retirement also stayed active as a volunteer member of the police auxiliary, hospital volunteer, relied upon friend and, above all, a rock through his family’s most difficult times. He loved to reminisce about almost everything, especially his childhood foibles, family anecdotes, and his Army experiences, particularly guarding the Japanese Emperor’s palace during WWII. “Gorgeous George” was by most accounts considered handsome and never looked his age, both a blessing and a curse. He’s left countless funny, warm and wonderful memories to those whose lives he touched. He was loving and loved and will be deeply missed, No memorial service is planned at this time.

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