Parents of Irvin Gartside

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Parents of Irvin Gartside
Most paper records state that William & Kezia Gartside are the parents of Irvin; William would have been 47 when Irvin was born and Kezia 46. Throughout his early life, Irvin was raised to believe that his parents were William and Kezia (who passed in 1918) and Elsie Gartside was his older sister. I, Kirk Gartside, was told that at Irvin's wedding he was told that William was actually his grandfather, Elsie was his mother and his father was not in his life. This led to a bit of a falling out between Irvin and Elsie. Unfortunately, I was never told who his true father really was.
Thru Y-DNA testing, I learned that a number of other males shared a surname Horton with me. In a batch of 23 and Me autosomal DNA testing I closely matched with a family of Hortons defended from Frederick William Horton (Sr) who lived less than 5 miles from Elsie in the years she got pregnant.
These factors lead me to conclude that Frederick William Horton and Elsie Gartside were together in 1913 which led to Irvin being born. At the time of Irvin's conception (assume June 2013) Elsie would have been about 16y 7m and Frederick would have been about 19y 10m old.

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