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Saturday, February 19, 2022 4:27 PM

Around about 2011, I started getting interested in my Gartside family history. The story began when my aunt passed along a typed copy of the Family History of Runde and Doggart. Reading about paternal grandmothers ancestors from Northern Ireland and Germany got me thinking about the rest of my family. Where in Mexico was my Mom's side of the family from, what about the Gartsides? A new passion was born. As I began to collect information a mystery arose, my paternal grandfather didn't know who his father was. After hearing this, I was determined to find out more about my mysterious paternal line. Thanks to the advances in Y and autosomal DNA testing the mystery was eventaully solved, my patrilineal line was Horton, not Gartside. Tie that with good old-fashioned research was able to identify Frederick William Horton, my great grandfather.

This online tree is here to allow individuals related to me to view and share information. My tree was built on the research of others, please feel free to use anything within to grow your tree. NOTE: I'm slowly converting from desktop software, where all my information resides, to webtrees. Until that is done you can view an export of it on Mac Family Tree.


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